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Angelique Rodriguez Unveils Empowering New Single 'Surrender'

Emerging from Sunnyside, Angelique Rodriguez releases 'Surrender', an electropop anthem celebrating self-acceptance and the joy of letting go.

Angelique Rodriguez introduces her latest single 'Surrender', marking a significant turning point in her career. This track is a vibrant celebration of self-empowerment and overcoming doubt, set against a backdrop of infectious electropop rhythms and Rodriguez's smooth vocals.

Rodriguez, along with producer Adam Benamram, whom she met during her time in an a cappella group at Vassar, crafted 'Surrender' in a modest home studio setting. This personal touch adds an authentic layer to the song's narrative of personal growth and self-acceptance.

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Drawing inspiration from her childhood and the journey of overcoming her fears, Rodriguez aims to inspire her listeners to embrace their true selves without reservation. Her influences include powerhouse pop artists like Lady Gaga and Dua Lipa, whose boldness and resilience resonate through 'Surrender'.

A beautifully different cinematic synth pop opening will have you intrigued. As the vocals emerge, you can't help but find yourself pulled in by their mix of strength and tone. As the piece develops, you end up deep within the realm of EDM, it gets stronger, more futuristic, with more stems. It feels as though there are three parts to 'Surrender', 00s pop, current EDM and then the funk-infused grooviness. 'Surrender' stands boldly in its composition technique showing listeners that sometimes breaking the mould really does pay off. It'll make a great addition to your Night Drive Playlists and Workout Playlists alike. The words are full of depth and the production is an absolute belter.

Angelique's story of perseverance as a queer Puerto Rican artist trying to break through in the music industry adds a compelling depth to her music, making 'Surrender' a statement of defiance against the odds.

Available on all major streaming platforms, 'Surrender' invites you to embrace the rhythm, find your groove, and let go of the doubts that hold you back. Join Angelique Rodriguez as she steps into a new era of her music career with open arms and a fearless heart.

Genres: Dream Pop, Electronic Pop, Euphoric Groove, Funk, Alternative Pop, Dance

Mood: Empowering, Euphoric, Joyful, Groovy, Uplifting

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