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Snake In Paradise

Salem, United States

Credit - Courtney Brooke, Amanda Macchia

Anne Bennett’s new release ‘Snake in Paradise’ has all the essential elements to create the

perfect retro track.

‘Snake in Paradise’ has a raw message concerning toxic friendships and the effects they can

have. It discusses relatable life problems of wanting to believe toxic people are good whilst in the midst of their manipulation, and Anne’s choice of musicality helped convey this message well.

It is Anne’s impressive vocal ability which gave this track a unique feel, and the incorporation of soul and retro styles has quite an infectious effect on the listener. Placing the vocals at the forefront allowed her rich and powerful sound to carry the message in quite an ominous way and allowed her vulnerable side to show clearly. The soundscape also embodied similar themes, with touches of guitar riffs to help pick out the darker melody line and adding to that 70s style yet with underlying beats to give the track a slightly brighter feel throughout.

Anne Bennett has a true gift for conveying her personal struggles into unforgettable lyrics, and her ability to adapt to various styles makes her an unforgettable artist! - AIMEE STOKES


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