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Straight On Down The Line

Menlo Park, United States

If you are looking for a phenomenal artist that spans a number of genres with their style then Anton Commissaris could be the one for you! This artist is fascinating to listen to, when you look deeper into what he has created, especially with his latest track ‘Straight On Down The Line’. - JASMINE

In order to be able to ensure this amazing track is enjoyed entirely it needs to be taken in segments, take the guitars, for example, they contain a gorgeous riff that while being unique hold a high level of familiarity. When considered deep this would be the Jazz element, which is almost swing-like. Then we take the drum beat. This is one that feels very soft rock like leaving us already intrigued by the skill of the artist, this is further built upon by the introduction of a guitar solo. Although this holds a rock feel to it, I would consider there to be an element of blues in there.

Although the instruments all play their part combining the genre styles throughout this track the vocals bring with them their own level of style which touches on country and folk. The harmonies work so well to tell the story of love. I specifically love the female almost choir-like backing singer, as I feel this adds a whole new feature of enjoyment to it. Every single element of this release is enjoyable in segments, but when fused together forms an amazing smooth groove unique track.


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