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Astralix's Electrifying Debut "The Rhythm Fills My Soul" - A New Era in EDM

Astralix, comprising Gary Dranow of The Manic Emotions, Chris Zoupa of Teramaze, and producer Louis Dupont, marks a significant shift from their rock roots to the pulsating world of EDM. This trio, bridging Park City, UT, USA, and Melbourne, Australia, has seamlessly transitioned from blues and indie rock to create an electrifying EDM experience.

Gary and Chris's partnership blossomed from a transcriber-client relationship to a formidable writing duo, crafting nearly thirty songs over the years. Their latest venture, Astralix, is a bold departure into EDM, inspired by giants like Tiesto and Avicii, showcasing their versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories.

Recorded and produced by the trio, "The Rhythm Fills My Soul" epitomizes the spirit of youth, fun, and the carefree essence of dance. The title track's lyrics - "I'm going downtown, Tonight’s the night for fun, No time for feelin’ down, The party's just begun" - set the tone for an EP that's all about living in the moment and enjoying life's pulsating rhythms. The song is super catchy, full of pulsating beats and a variety of EDM influences from house to pop.

With a tempo set at 125 BPM, the EP promises to be the perfect soundtrack for dance enthusiasts. Each track, including the upcoming "Lost and Found" and "Still Raining," promises to keep the energy high and the mood ecstatic.

"Chris Zoupa, from the Australian Progressive Rock band Teramaze, is the consummate musician and the perfect collaborator for my seemingly endless musical and lyrical ideas," shares Gary Dranow, highlighting the synergy that fuels Astralix's creativity.

What a debut!

Genres: EDM

Moods: Euphoric, Energetic, Youthful, Carefree

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