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Foolish Games

Austin, United States

'Foolish Games' is the latest single from the retro-rockstar that is 'Atomic Bronco'. There's nothing more awe-inspiring than a one-man (or person) band, something that 'Atomic Bronco' showcases with ease! Indie rock with a retro vibe is the sound that is conveyed through his latest release through the fuzzy and distorted guitar additions.

The overall vibe of the track is punchy yet laid back offering listeners the ultimate mix of coolness and seriousness. -TAMARA JENNA

Now for the good bit, make sure that you hit play on the link below to experience what I am saying firsthand here. 'Foolish Games' brings some super catchy electric guitar playing from start to end that combines with the slow and steady drumming to bring listeners into the easygoingness of the production. The vocal performance is layered to bring an added layer of depth, both distant yet all-consuming to the song but the main highlight here has to be the electrifying guitar solos! Damn. I can't wait to hear more from this talented rockstar! I can't believe that one man produced the whole track! You don't want to miss out so do your digging and get listening to 'Atomic Bronco' today, you heard it here.

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