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True Love

Basel, Switzerland

Credit - Samuel Morris

It’s a good day when we get to introduce amazing talent and artist Audio Dope is just that evidenced by their latest release. On the second of December this amazing Basel, Switzerland artist released their latest track ‘True Love’.

With its dreamy, lugubrious, dark, slow and contemplative rhythm, this track is set to grab your attention instantly and maintain its stronghold on your soul throughout. - JASMINE

Tackling the topic of uncertainty as it relates to the dynamics and fluidity within relationships between people. Bringing to the table a beautiful merger of hip-hop, downtempo and trip-hop this gorgeous track lures you in from the beginning with some beautifully fresh synths. This is soon followed by some gorgeous rhythmic attention-grabbing drums, almost bongo-like in style with a Latin flare, which when accompanied by the amazingly dreamy vocals, featuring some gorgeous wobble vocal effects, we are provided with an enjoyable sensory explosion that leaves no desire untouched.

I can very much see this track being played in a Latin dance bar or a nightclub pulsing through the speakers as everyone drops their guard, and inhibitions leaving them just move their bodies freely for all three minutes and thirty-two seconds that we are blessed with this track.


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