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AURORA BY NOON's 'Black Crosses in the Sun' Powerfully Revives Heavy Rock

AURORA BY NOON’s ‘Black Crosses in the Sun’ is a wicked rocking single that takes the best of modern heavy rock and uses it to inspire the bones of a brilliant melody. Everything you could ever wish for is on this track. Big chugging guitars? You got it, they fill up the background in the verses and then charge into the foreground in the chorus, belting that melody right alongside the vocals. Speaking of which, the Vox ride the waves created by the drums and bass. Together as three, they rise to the power of the guitars and beyond, falling into position to perform a head-on charge. That’s when the chorus hits. Pumping, fast, high and bright, it takes everything you can muster not to burst out and sing along no matter where you are.

‘Black Crosses in the Sun’ is a song that understands why heavy rock is beloved. It takes the root, makes a killer melody out of it, and builds from there. AURORA BY NOON have nailed it, here’s to many more manic tracks. Inspired.



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