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Avresa's "Inspired" is a Captivating Indie Folk Rock Track with Uplifting Melodies

‘Inspired’ is an indie folk rock track from Avresa that plays into those folk tones and textures to great success. The track builds in subtle flows. The lines of the song are set out before you, almost like you can feel them before you hear them. The beat is bright and it lifts you through the clouds where you find guitars, synths and harmonies. The lyrics blast and the melody is formed, wrapping its glossy wings around you, holding you tight. Avresa makes you feel safe, cared for, and hopeful that the world will keep on spinning. ‘Inspired’ captures that moment of inspiration that all of us adore. The click in the back of your head that you can’t force, no one can, it is an innate feeling that comes from living. Avresa gets that buzz just right, the small-time flight that we take every time a new idea comes along, all through song and beautiful melodies.

Uplifting and golden.


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