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Backstrom's 'Animal': A Melodic Journey That Redefines Alt-Pop with a Nostalgic Twist

Promo Artwork for Backstrom's 'Animal'
Promo Artwork for Backstrom's 'Animal'
Experience the Harmonic Genius of 'Animal' - A Single that Weaves Modern Sounds with Time-Honored Musicality

‘Animal’ from Backstrom is a single that pushes into the past with weighty ambition. Does it find the gusto it is looking for? The bark of the old ways? The roar of the strings? I believe it does, and in style no less. The single pulses with a modern alt-pop personality. It knows the norm and the trends and it is leaning against them, a rebel. It starts not with guitar or synth or beat, but with strings. And not a conglomerate of strings, no, a sole player. The notes rise up into the dark and draw you into a harmonic welcome. Then the song begins.

The track grows as it plays. Percussion is absent in the first sections of the song but you don’t miss it. You are too focused on the vocals. There are two, and they play with one another in melody in a way that keeps your ears locked on the action. The verse calls, the backing responds, and soon you are diving head first into that chorus. The whole song holds onto this old-timey vibe. It plays not with speed but with consistency, you know what is coming around every corner. But the beauty of ‘Animal…’ is that sometimes you’re wrong. Those are the best moments.

The single builds as it goes. The second half and the close are massive in size, the strings and the vocals and the percussion all build to a great crescendo and plummet back into the black silence. You are left humming the tune, it builds once again in your memory, a powerful and resonant song to be kept in your darkest corners. Backstrom have picked a sound and nailed it. ‘Animal’ is different from every perspective. It feels different, it sounds different and it hits different. What you see is what you get, and you get a whole lot — a spectacular amount in fact.

Genre: Alternative Pop, Modern Alt-Pop

Moods: Nostalgic, Haunting, Harmonious, Captivating, Resonant, Dynamic

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