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Sacramento, CA, United States

Credit - Taylor Gillespie

Bad Mother Nature are back with their second release from their upcoming EP, "A Thousand Days of Desert Rain and Madness.". That's a great title right?" I will definitely be listening to that release! So, let's have a listen to their current release and see if you vibe with it as much as I do. The title of the track is 'Excuses' offering a whole world of reliability just from the title alone.

'Excuses' is one of those songs that you will end up having on repeat due to the unique blend of Western Rock and Indie Sounds that merge together a mixture of vintage and modern influences.

The four-piece has really hit the spot with this release! The opening offers us a warm cuddle with the funky lead guitar strums and mini riffs whilst the drums carry the transition between words, speaking of words, is anybody a fan of harmonies?

'Excuses' contains plenty of those saturated vocals that leave us all feeling fuzzy and warm inside. 'Bad Mother Nature' certainly deserves their place in our Ones2Watch! -TAMARA JENNA

Bordering on soul rock, blues, country and even jazz this is a song that I know will hit the spot! So, no 'Excuses' check it out now using the link below!


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