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BALK - Bulk



New York, United States

Credit - Julia Gorton

Bulk’ by Balk. ‘Bulk’ by Balk. That’s a tongue twister right there, also one heck of a good album. It's true indie rock; the reaction to which should always be, “OH! gee I’ve never heard anything like this before. What a profound and wondrous new sound!” The eight-track album has influences from all over, but the tone and textures are what set this album apart. It's freeing, it's close and it's mellow. Good times flow throughout and you can’t help but chill to the whimsical strumming, close-knit percussion and conversational lyrics that will have you humming to the point of habit.

Balk is a name that feels like it should have a heavy sound, yet ‘Bulk’ is anything but. Balk have subverted the norm and I think that’s what they’re great at. They take a song, flip it on its head and fashion an all-new sound from the chaos. The result is an album that I can’t get enough of. A must listen (over and over and over again).



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