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Beau Wheeler's 'Flying Colours': An Exceptional Blend of Rock and Country, Inspiring Reflection

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Beau Wheeler’s single, ‘Flying Colours,’ is a truly exceptional track that blends the textures of rock with the sibilance and roll of good classic country music. There’s some funk in the back as the song starts slow. The beat rises in puffs of blue as the vocal sets in for a long-haul flight right over the kingdom of rock and roll. The guitar starts to twang and all of the emotion comes out at once. A marvellous explosion of texture and soul, Beau Wheeler grabs you with his innate honesty and never lets you go. The song ploughs on through hefty choruses that ebb and flow with the greatest ease and into a rocking bridge with a guitar tone to end all wars.

‘Flying Colours’ is such an uplifting song. It caters to any walk of life and brings about an utter sense of calm and reflection. It’s a treat to get lost in the vast halls of talent which reside inside this song. To be inspired by such a wide breadth of music always allows for astounding creations; this single is no different. Kick back and get ready for a ride with this one. It takes your breath away, but you don’t mind as you lay and watch the skylarks sing. ‘Flying Colours’ breaks away into a league all its own, sporting powerful sounds and a blissful melody. Outstanding.



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