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BECCA LYNN release their second EP after taking over the world of Sync!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022




Boise, United States






US-based #BeccaLynn are a fresh duo straight out of #Boise. Vocalist Becky Ketelsen and producer Adam Neilson have worked together to produce a smashing EP named #Volume2:Sage. The duo came together less than 3 years again to conjure up their sound. For those of you who aren't familiar with #BeccaLynn, they are certainly not a stranger to the masses! The moment I hit play on their first track of this project I instantly recognised their sound. In a lightbulb moment, I thought - "I've heard this sound in an advert" and I was not wrong! #BeccaLynn has had a huge success securing sync licensing deals with television shows airing on Hulu, Netflix, and MTV to name a few.. and YES advertisements for fitness companies and television season promos. These 5 new tracks from #BeccaLynn bring the sound of alternative and commercial pop to the ears of their fans and beyond to the everyday person through television screens, laptops, and more. So, let's get into these tracks. Track 1 entitled #WhyNot opens with a catchy bassline. This bassline is what made me connect this artist to advertising. This is a great thing for 2 reasons. 1) Their sound is uniquely identifiable and 2) It's catchy enough for the masses. The vocal style is consistent, the effects are key to the identity of the group and the bassline integrates into their sound. These things work together to make #BeccaLynn stand out in the way that they do. #ItDon'tGetBetterThanThis is unbelievably catchy. The use of panning on the vocals makes perfect use of the space. The bass is exemplary, the lyrics make you sing along with ease and as a whole production, you can't ask for a more uplifting piece. #Isn'tThatSomethin' continues the path of energy of the previous piece but replaces the catchy bassline with catchy guitar strums instead. This offers something faster to the production that carries the vocals and cinematic elements. Of course, the bassline is still in the track! But this isn't the main focus here. #ShowMetheGoodStuff brings the bassline to the forefront of the piece (can't lie I got excited to hear it reappear) There's a happy, melodic whistle that adds an extra something to several of their tracks. I think that this works really well and contributes to what makes them unique. Once you hear their sound you won't forget it - I can personally vouch for that. Closing the project is a piece called #YouMakeMeLookGood. Now, I'm sure that I've heard this track on TV before too! I may be wrong but again, the fact that I was able to make that connection implies that #BeccaLynn has defined their sound enough to be recognised. The lyrics in this piece have you singing along on repeat with #BeckyKetelsen. This EP is a perfectly crafted one. It showcases the artistic ability and uniqueness of the duo without ever getting boring. Now that I know who they are, I'll always be listening out for their work in the sync world and beyond! Check it out, I guarantee that if you've ever watched youtube, television, or Netflix that you will make the same connection that I did! 10/10!



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