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Carmel, United States

Betageist’s single, ‘Together,’ is an amorphic guitar and synth space that alludes to hope, imagination and humanity. It's a musical style that breathes rather than sings. Instrumental; full of amazing synths, rhythms in the back, and guitar tones that are so smooth they’ll make you jealous. It's a land of post-rock-electronica that surrounds you. It chitters and beeps as the melody carries you off into the sky. You look down upon the chrome-topped hills and neon streets below and you feel tranquillity set in. ‘Together’ is a musical looking-glass that seeks out images of the future, yet presents them in a way that we humans can understand. The result is a sound that you can sit in for hours and wonder. Wonder what the future might hold, what will remain from the past?

Betageist is creating sounds that you will find nowhere else. Open up your mind and soul and sneak a glimpse at the future that ‘Together’ creates for us.



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