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Blue Blind Sky

Nashvile, United States

The vocals of Beth Sass will heal any wound, console any soul and spur on any dreamer. Their latest single, ‘Blue Blind Sky’ makes great use of that warm, caramel tone, and pushes it to the heavens through keys, percussion, guitars and bass. Country influences dance about the head and electric keys highlight the melody, its poppy and slow, a chill tune with a loving vibe. Beth Sass uses the structure of the song and the textures of the instruments to work the atmosphere, its lush and curved, rippled with love and adorned with lyrics that sit about the air, hanging like incense. A second, lower, vocal powers through, and the two together make harmonious blue magic in the clouds.

‘Blue Blind Sky’ begins with that guitar riff. It's smooth, it's 00s and it is inviting. An open invitation to sit about the flowers and watch the world go by, taking in its paces, its breadth and its depth. The vocals join in as the song opens up, the keys thicken the sound and the percussion tickles the walls with slaps and cracks of wood-tone drums. Together the sound is modern, stylish and humbler than any out there. How a single can come out only months ago but feel already like a classic I don’t know! The answer lies somewhere in the genius of Beth Sass, maybe one day we will find out, until then, the miracle of ‘Blue Blind Sky’ is sure to keep us going on strong.


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