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BETTY MOON - My Only One


My Only One

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Evolver Music Inc.

Betty Moon’s ‘My Only One’ is a single that you would be amiss to miss. An underground rock sound blends with punk and synth wave to form the instrumental in the back. It's deep purple, bloody, thick and sour; a cacophonous rhythm shimmers from the neon dust. It's bleak, but it is not over, the vocals shine through. Betty Moon’s vocal style is punchy, clear and full of myriad tones and harmonies. They play with one another, dancing atop each lyric, each witty line and emotional phrase. It brings light to the dark in a gloomy noir kinda way. A disco ball in a detective flick.

‘My Only One’ sounds like the title for a typical love song, but don’t be misled. It is a wonderful and deep, dark-rock ballad of epic proportions. It folds over itself, layers of synth and bass clashing against brittle percussion. They crack and break in the chorus. Shards of bliss rain down over ‘My Only One.’ Angelic.



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