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BIAS - Amsterdam



Imola, Italy

‘AMSTERDAM’ is the latest single from hard-synth artist, BIAS. It's a vibrant sound, that moves with the pace of a boxer, dodging and twisting as melodic jabs glint in the darkness. BIAS sees them all coming and has an answer for each and every one of them. The song evolves with you, a synth backing that revolves around a cyclic arpeggio is awe-inducing and shifts when the beat really kicks in. This evolution of sound is what makes the single for me. It's a representation of its namesake: the beginning of the song is picturesque and mellow, but when the beat hits it gets funky and dark — mimicking Amsterdam and its eclectic nightlife.

BIAS’s sound is beat-heavy and full-on. It gets you in the groove within moments and its grasp never falters. Rhythmic, textural and full of attitude, ‘AMSTERDAM’ by BIAS is one heck of a way to start a party



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