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B I A S Takes You on a Love Journey Through Icelandic Inspirations with 'Ogni Istante'

B I A S standing amid the ethereal Icelandic landscapes that inspired his latest single, 'Ogni Istante,' with a look of contemplation and emotion.

B I A S Unveils A Heartfelt Journey with "Ogni Istante"

Emerging from the serene landscapes of Iceland, Imola-based producer and composer Bias brings us "Ogni Istante," a deeply introspective new single that is a testament to love at a distance. The track, mixed and mastered by Michele Suzzi, takes listeners on an intimate journey between humanity and nature, embodying the raw, powerful emotions that such a striking environment can evoke.

From Iceland With Love

Iceland isn't merely a backdrop for Bias's composition; it serves as an integral inspiration. Known for its vast, silent, and awe-inspiring landscapes, the northern European country offers more than just scenic beauty—it gives an emotional and spiritual grounding to Bias's latest work. It is here, amid the "silent landscapes," as Bias puts it, that the square meter beside the one you love feels like "space on Earth."

Love and Lyrics

The song is not just a musical composition but also includes a poignant poem penned by Bias himself. It speaks of love—of the essential, incomprehensible, and beautiful steps that two people take in getting to know one another, "each with their own bruises." It’s about adult relationships, new thrills, and the enduring feeling of youthfulness when love is involved.

B I A S 'Ogni Istante'

Visual & Musical Art

To accompany the single, a captivating visual video has been released on YouTube, further immersing listeners in the world Bias creates. The music video aims to capture the essence of the song, making it a complete audio-visual experience that mirrors the intimacy and expansiveness of the Icelandic landscapes that inspired it.

A Moment In Time, Captured Forever

"Ogni Istante" (which translates to "Every Moment") is an arresting exploration of fleeting yet significant moments in life and love. Produced, performed, and written entirely by Bias, the song is a stand-alone artwork but also serves as part of a bigger narrative about love, existence, and the human connection with nature.


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