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Blasting Off with 'Space Boy': Soda Cracker Jesus Unleashes a Cosmic Fusion

Soda Cracker Jesus hits a splendid new key with their latest single, ‘Space Boy.’ It’s bright, full of that new indie funk, and bridges the worlds between indie rock and new wave synth. There's a bass line as strong as a 4/4 in the back. It rides a melody that catches you in an instant. The guitars come alive around a prominent vocal, and I mean that. It sticks with you through the entirety of the song, it never lets up for a second and its character rubs off on you in the greatest way. But what really makes you bite down on that indie rock bullet is the chorus. It’s huge, it’s charming, and it has a sour twang. Whatever it is, I want more of it.

‘Space Boy’ rides the perfect line for me. It finds its own weird space and fills it out, packing each loved nook and cranny with sounds from all over rock history. There’s brit pop in there, a splash of punk, and a heaping teaspoon of modern indie. The blending of the greats was always going to go well, but this well!? Insanity. Soda Cracker Jesus have a sound as outlandish as their name and I’m not mad about it. You come for the melodies, you stay for the character. Fantastic.



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