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Bliss Carmxn's 'Big Enough': A Heart-Wrenching Piano Ballad That Redefines Love!

The cover art for Bliss Carmxn's single 'Big Enough'
The cover art for Bliss Carmxn's single 'Big Enough'

Stripping Back the Beats, Bliss Carmxn Delivers a Vulnerable Masterpiece with 'Big Enough'

Bliss Carmxn takes a bold step back to explore the raw emotion of love and its complexities in "Big Enough". Released on March 8, 2024, as part of the eagerly anticipated debut EP 'Hold My Hand And I'll Hold Yours', "Big Enough" stands out as a reflection on the nature of relationships and the acceptance that no love is all-encompassing, yet it can still suffice.

Opening with sharp keys, this piece lifts listeners straight into the space of the piece. The vocals rest beautifully against its backdrop. Intimate, the lyrics and vocals stand out. As the song develops, the gentle sound of hums harmonises in sync with the already stunning production. It grows cinematically, showcasing a range of piano compositions and vocal range. You won't be able to avoid attentively connecting with "Big Enough". Originally envisioned with an upbeat rhythm, a spontaneous studio session revealed a softer, more fragile vocal delivery that became the song's foundation, transforming "Big Enough" into a stripped-back arrangement that lays bare the soul of the message. Proving that sometimes the stripped back can be more than "Big Enough", this release will take your heart and soul to a place that dreams are made of.

Crafted in collaboration with producer Rookes, sound engineer Ary, and mastering expert Katie Tavini—all UK-based talents—"Big Enough" marks a departure from Carmxn's usual style. The song strips away the familiar layers of beats and electronic production to highlight powerful vocals, piano, and strings, offering listeners a tender listen.

Inspired by a turbulent period in a relationship, "Big Enough" delves into the deliberation over whether to persist or part ways. Ultimately, the song celebrates the realization that, despite imperfections, the love shared is "big enough" to prevail.

Performed by Bliss Carmxn, with music and lyrics by Adam Kaasa, "Big Enough" encapsulates the essence of contemporary pop while drawing influence from the quiet intensity of Perfume Genius, the simplicity of Simon and Garfunkel, and the warmth of Kacey Musgraves. It's a track that resonates with anyone who's ever faced the intricacies of love and come out the other side more enlightened.

Bliss Carmxn, the current project of writer and academic Adam Kaasa, has evolved from classical piano training and choir performances to proudly queer expression through music. With a background that spans continents and a hiatus from music due to fears of being 'outed', Carmxn's return to the scene has been marked by authenticity, vulnerability, and an embrace of queer empowerment.

For quality, emotion, range and composition, I have to add this to our Ones2Watch!

Genres: Commercial Pop, Contemporary Pop, Pop, Love Song, Indie Pop, Alternative Pop

Mood: Heart-Wrenching, Vulnerable, Soulful, Reflective, Uplifting

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