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The echoing guitars light up the sky in the distance. The melody rolls from the riffs they play. The drums bark, the bass bites, and the vocals blare with a charm so bold. It can only be Blueburst and their latest single, ‘Vanish.’ It feels like indie rock, but it plays with so much more. The highs are scraping the sky, the lows pierce the crust of the earth. All the while the melody remains simple, and the vocal remains confident, classy, like it’s been here before. ‘Vanish’ feels comfortable, like listening to your favourite band crank out another banger. But it grows, and swells. The guitars layer, the vocals too, the beat begins to rise. A cacophony of music soon surrounds you and you are overwhelmed. You have to give yourself to it. You have to ‘Vanish.’

Blueburst have nailed it. Their sound barrels out of the gate with a classic attitude and clean play style. It's music you can be proud to listen to and that Blueburst should be proud to play. Absolutely sublime.



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