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Bolivia' by Bear Beat - A Rich Tapestry of Rhythms, Crafting an Evocative Journey

Bear Beat delivers you into a world of thrashing rhythms that move your heart. A world where the sky is full of songbirds that click and smack, and where the vines give off chords in the wind. A deep jungle of expansive sounds. ‘Bolivia’ is an instrumental house-esque single that takes rhythm and pushes it to the four corners of the globe. It is an eccentric song in its composition and it is all the better because of it. It takes time to set up ideas and then shift them. It takes its colour and blends it with the crashing waves, delivering yet more diverse and wondrous sounds.

‘Bolivia’ is an achievement of instrumental electronica. It takes a core idea and plays with it, developing mountain ranges, deep basins and thick forests. When electronic music gives off rhythm, emotion, and imagery, you know you’re onto something golden. Bear Beat has done exactly that, and it is magic.



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