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Boundless Brothers Illuminate the Night with 'Love & Monsters' - A Symphony of Alternative Brit Pop and Rock

Take a walk through the sunset woods. The slight creak of towering oaks, the crunch of acorns beneath your shoes. The light is warm and, peaking through from the segmented horizon, scatters orange and red stripes across the woodland floor. You walk and suddenly there is music, you can’t quite make it out, but its beat is enticing, its power enthralling. You move towards it. The light is fading, the sun making to dip below the crimson sky, giving way to that dark space until the moon takes its place. Though the night comes, you still follow the music. You can’t see, only your ears guide the way through the all-encompassing dark. And yet somehow the beat aims your feet, the rhythm moves your body, the melody arches your arms, and suddenly you arrive. There is a great bonfire pulsating energy and wonder, there is a stage, on which the Boundless Brothers are blasting ‘Love & Monsters,’ and you are surrounded by similarly found souls. The music is bliss, happiness, freedom, and it falls upon you like moonlight.

‘Love & Monsters’ is an album that shimmers with emotion. Each song dashes into your mind, relates to something deep within, and then paints that emotion over a grand canvas in stark colours. Boundless Brothers hone their sound through a blend of Alternative Brit Pop and Rock, forming an album that is warm, wooden, honest and yet fast, colourful and modern. The album is headed by a swelter of a track, ‘Oh My God.’ Its beat grabs you from the outset, the textures in the back are full and new, the melody builds between them and finds itself grounded in the silken vocals. ‘Oh My God’ conjures up everything you need to know about Boundless Brothers in one track. Their ability to throw some grit on it when the time comes, their knowledge of the flow of melody and their distinct way of forming harmonies. The song opens the doors and leads the way for an onslaught of tremendous sound.

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‘Grey’ is softer, more of that Pop feeling, less of the Rock, though the good bits still shine through. It’s a sad song at its core perhaps, but one that looks on towards a rising sun, acknowledging the healing passage of time. ‘Only Love’ throws the percussion at the wall to see what sticks. It turns out, it all does, and it’s fantastic. The song is simple at its centre, the melody and chords building around a slick guitar part; where it gets interesting is in the beat. It changes it up, flows this way then that, the pace rises, falls, then turns and comes right at you. For me, ‘Only Love’ may be one of the strongest songs on the album.

There are simply too many golden examples of Boundless Brothers’ greatness within ‘Love & Monsters’ for me to talk about in their entirety — the passion behind songs like ‘Crying Shame’ or the beautiful harmonies in ‘Million Years’ are simply too profound to miss. If you’re a fan of music that sends you places, back through your memories to forgotten woods as it did for me, then this is the album for you. It’s packed with flare, with touches of pure brilliance, and never fails to get your foot tapping the whole way through. A stunner of an album that I wish I’d heard sooner.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Brit Pop

Mood: Energetic, Reflective, Uplifting

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