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BreakTime Channels Folk-Rock Legends with 'Love And Harmony' Single

BreakTime band members in a retro-inspired setting, instruments in hand, evoking the classic essence of 60s folk-rock with a modern twist.

BreakTime's 'Love And Harmony': A Nostalgic Trip Back to the Golden Age of Folk-Rock

The contemporary indie pop scene is about to take a step back in time with Bayonne-based band BreakTime's latest offering. Their newest double-single, “She’s The One/Love and Harmony,” not only serves as a precursor to their eagerly awaited summer EP "Specials," but also showcases the band's uncanny ability to merge vintage influences with contemporary vibes.

The track "Love And Harmony" captures the essence of 60s folk-rock, reminiscent of legendary bands like The Byrds and Rubber Soul-era Beatles. It's a song that could easily be mistaken for a timeless classic, with its jangly twelve-string guitar motifs and resonant harmonies. As lead guitarist Thommy Delaney puts it, the inspiration came from the twelve-string magic of bands like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Byrds. The harmonic complexity, arranged by bass guitarist Sean Manuel, adds layers to the track, evoking images of The Beach Boys in their prime.

But it’s not all about nostalgia. The band has a distinctive modern flair that ensures the music is fresh and relevant. This is particularly evident in "She's The One," written by Sean Manuel. It's a sugary track infused with infectious energy that's bound to make listeners want to dance. The call-and-response technique employed by the band, combined with their trademark chorus-heavy communication style, ensures each track is instantly memorable.

The vibrant vocal interplay between tracks evokes a powerful call-and-response dynamic. This approach not only strengthens the communicative essence of their songs but also creates an immersive atmosphere. The end result? Songs that are both upbeat and full of energy, with a palpable sense of nostalgia.

BreakTime is not just another indie pop band. Their unique blend of vintage stylings, combined with modern pop sensibilities, ensures they stand out in a crowded market. Think of them as the perfect musical concoction: the harmonic richness of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, but with a twist that's quintessentially BreakTime.

Mark your calendars for Friday, August 25th, and get ready to bask in the sonic warmth of BreakTime's "Specials" EP. Until then, let “She’s The One/Love and Harmony” serve as the perfect appetizer, whetting your appetite for more!



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