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Christmas This Year

Montreal, Canada

Christmas may have just gone this year but it wouldn't be right to enter the new year without highlighting this latest song. 'Christmas This Year' by Montreal-based artist Brianne Matthews is truly something magical that awaits your energy.

Released just two days before the big day, 'Christmas This Year' merges pop with a rock twist to make a lollypop? A candy pop rock? Maybe I'll leave the puns for another time. Opening with a big band feel to the track, Brianne sings angelic vocals over the manger of brass instrumentation, rhythmic drumming and choppy bell synths and percussion shakers to bring listeners the ultimate Holiday Winter jam.

This song is a timeless holiday piece that will certainly do a full circle year in year out due to its traditional big band jazz/swing feel and its modern pop vocals.

This is a song that I will certainly place on the TJPL CHRISTMAS playlist for another year or more! Don't miss out, have a listen. The magic isn’t over yet! A timeless feel, with the true spirit of Christmas.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Brianne Matthews as she releases more music. Let’s see where her artistry leads outside of the holiday season!


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