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CANNING - Shortline



Chicago, United States

‘Canning’ a Chicago-based band of high school friends Ricky Canning (Guitar/Vocal), Fritz Armstrong (Bass/Vocal) and Tom Miller (Drums) continue to provide us with something different in their song ‘Shortline’. Sticking to their roots in classic rock but also taking more of a blues influence with their release, I believe that the overall sound of this group would best suit fans of a multitude of artists from Led Zeppelin to Bjork through to the likes of the Beatles.

The first thing I have to say is RIFFS. FUCKING RIFFS. There’s nothing I love more than a blues-inspired guitar riff and this one hits you the second you press play…it takes centre stage and steals the whole damn show. The opening riff alone would make for a satisfying release but there is more…a lot more. There is a variety of electrifying collaborations between the strings and I can’t get enough! Ones2Watch!



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