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Carlos Ucedda's Electrifying Return with 'At The Bottom' - A Dive into the Depths of the Mind

From the heart of Granada, Spain, Carlos Ucedda emerges with 'At The Bottom,' blending '80s nostalgia with a modern twist in an exploration of mental health.

After years of introspection and artistic development, Carlos Ucedda marks his much-anticipated return with the release of "At The Bottom." This single signifies Ucedda's readiness to shine a light on his music but also showcases his versatility in genre and vocal range, ready to enchant audiences far and wide.

Ucedda is a solo artist with a passion for synthesizers and '80s pop nostalgia, who brings his unique sound to the forefront. His music, deeply influenced by the iconic sounds of the '80s and '90s, ventures into versatile territories, from electronic pop to avant-garde explorations, promising a rich auditory experience.

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So, what's the inspiration for"At The Bottom"? Well, through this sing Ucedda delves into the complexities of mental health through reflecting on the isolation and disconnect felt when one's mind diverges from the body's reality. Ucedda's inspiration comes from personal contemplation and societal observations, offering a poignant commentary set against a backdrop of captivating melodies and rhythms reminiscent of legends like David Bowie, Depeche Mode, and the Pet Shop Boys. The overall sound of Ucendda however, well, that is completely unique to his creative flair. It's different. It takes elements of retro pop and brings it to the forefront of the modern day.

With memorable performances at the Auditorio Manuel de Falla and Teatro Isabel La Catolica in Granada, Ucedda's live shows resonate with audiences, further solidified by collaborations with fellow musicians and artists. These experiences enrich his music, adding layers of depth and connection.

The production of "At The Bottom" and its accompanying video reflects Ucedda's dedication to his craft. From braving the cold during video shoots to selecting the perfect outfit, every aspect of the creation process is infused with creativity and fun.

Genres: Avant-Garde (Electronic), Electronic Pop, Alternative Pop, Art Pop, Disco

Mood: Reflective, Nostalgic, Quirky, Uplifting

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