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'Carried by the Wind' – Ray Johnson's Heartfelt Musical Rendering That Soars with Soulful Brilliance

Ray Johnson’s single ‘Carried by the Wind’ is a buttery smooth ballad that is full of heart and soul. Together the warm bass and bright acoustic guitars form a gust of brilliance. They shimmer over grass fields and through open windows, sending bright curtains curling in harmony. The percussion is just enough to keep the warmth running through the length of the song but it never overstays its welcome. All of this creates a world of comfort, a wonderful and natural world. When the sun is setting, the light just right, the vocal begins to sing and the view is as pretty as a picture. The melody streams from the Vox as easily as water from a brook. The lyrics flow into you and through you, leaving their positive and loving essence behind and washing you over with joy. It’s a beautiful thing.

‘Carried by the Wind’ is a song that reaches out with feeling rather than flamboyance or gimmicks. Ray Johnson is keeping the core of the song simple and pouring his efforts into the emotion behind each and every movement, each and every line. It’s down to this focus that the track is so strong. It’s powerful, honest and loving. A perfect introduction to the world of Ray Johnson.


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