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CASEY URBAN - Grey Matter


Grey Matter

New York, United States

Credit - Kyle Lipsky

‘Grey Matter,’ the latest single from artist Casey Urban, is a vibrant and alluring song that tickles your tastebuds with wicking melodies and sombre textures. The sound that Casey Urban is cultivating is one that captivates me. It is taking inspiration from folk, psychedelia, funk, Americana, and contemporary indie rock. It's a wondrous spinning wheel of a sound.

The melody picks up with a slacking pace, but it speeds up as the song goes on. The vocals sing under their breath, adding atmosphere and melody all at once. The lyrics are bright, daring. Sending stark imagery this way and that, creating pictures of the unknown in your mind. But beneath it all is a track that grabs you with a beat and a flow that is so enticing. It's raw, it’s different, and it is oh-so-good.

Casey Urban is experimenting and it is working. No one sounds like ‘Grey Matter’ sounds. And my oh my you have to hear it for yourself. It’ll change you, Guy, it’ll change you square.



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