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Buddy Hollywood

Lubbock, TX, United States

Credit - Connor Voight

Chris Hudgins and Dubxilla’s new single ‘Buddy Hollywood’ explores styles of soul, R&B and hip-hop, through quite a heartfelt message concerning homage to their hometowns. The effective delivery of this track also draws upon themes of nostalgia, encouraging the listener to reminisce, perhaps back to their own hometown growing up. The diversity in the styles makes it quite difficult to categorise ‘Buddy Hollywood’, as it can appeal to a wide range of listeners, and therefore is perfect for anyone who enjoys a soulful and lively tune! The joyful aspects of the musicality, a cleverly woven mix of guitar and drums, orchestrate the ultimate uplifting track through this continuous theme of infectious guitar picking mimicking those lively vocals and contributing to the overall melodious delivery. Dubxilla and Chris’ vocals complement each other well, incorporating a clever blend of hip hop, R&B and soul, creating the vocals to have this relaxed, soothing, yet undeniably uplifting effect on the listener. It is impossible to listen to ‘Buddy Hollywood’ without it lifting your spirits, as the lyricism, vocals and instruments all work adjacently in transporting one into feelings of admiration for our hometowns.

P.S Keep an eye out for Chris Hudgins' Self Titled Album that's coming out on November 1st!


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