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Chris Ortiz: A Lyrical Journey Through Shadows to Light in "Lighten Up"

An Abstract Odyssey of Sound and Soul

Cover Art: "Chris Ortiz's 'Lighten Up' cover art, showcasing a fusion of shadow and light with an abstract design symbolizing the complexity of emotions in music.
Cover Art: Chris Ortiz's 'Lighten Up' cover art, showcasing a fusion of shadow and light with an abstract design symbolizing the complexity of emotions in music.

In the intricate weave of modern music, it’s a rare treat to stumble upon a piece that resonates as well as echoes through the very corridors of our personal galleries of memory and hope. Once I find a song like that, I for one cherish it. Chris Ortiz does just that in his latest single "Lighten Up", where he presents an intimate panorama of a tormented relationship and the claws of addiction with the finesse of an auteur.

One second goes by, two, three, and now we're in action. The piece grows, a slow burner opening, intriguing to the max. Elements of vocal chops reminiscent of a trapsoul VST come in. Suddenly we have the beat of drums and everything comes alive, you find yourself moving to the beats, cinematic, calming, and exciting at the same time. It's confusing when you deep it but when you just feel it you feel free. That's the beauty of this piece.

Self-produced in the confinements of a room that seems to hold a universe of emotions, Ortiz's work reflects R&B, with experimental trap and a dash of electronic pop that would nod respectfully to the likes of Ama Lou. Ortiz is a sonic vessel —singing, producing, and playing, embodying the very essence of independent artistry.

The track is woven with a synth that pulsates like the heart of the night, capturing a journey from despair to an almost cathartic release. Ortiz's voice is a beacon within the track, guiding the listener through the fog of their own reminisces and what-ifs.

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Promo Shot: Promotional image of Chris Ortiz
Promo Shot: Promotional image of Chris Ortiz

This is Ortiz's creation but also his confession, his catharsis, and his abstract painting in sound where the hues of past pains and future healings blend seamlessly. "Lighten Up" is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a melodious uprising against the gravity of our darker moments.

How a song born out of so much turmoil can feel so colourful is a mystery, one that I won't forget in a hurry. Amidst the lyrical release, the production and vocal execution dance harmoneously in colour. Just wow. This has been one of those rare finds in this industry. A magical moment.

Genres: Electronic Pop, Alternative Pop, Art Pop

Moods: Reflective, Introspective, Healing, Uplifting, Edgy

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