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New York, United States

Credit - Ghvze

Here we have a gloriously upbeat release from New York, United States artist Chris Saunders. This awesome artist has created a track that is club and crowd ready. With a nice clean, gentle merger of pop and RnB with what feels like clear Dancehall and Funk influence.

‘Countdown’ is a track that will get you up and moving in no time. - JASMINE

With its gorgeous pause clap beat, this track leaves you jumping into the middle of the dancefloor drink in hand, whining and body waving your way through the crowd. The beat is a big focal point of this track's backing but let us not forget to mention the rhythmic bass that is introduced to the listener creating an unwavering intense need to hear more. Then comes the break featuring a beautifully warm acoustic guitar strum pattern which is reminiscent of Ed Sheeran's shape of you.

But we could not discuss all of this without looking at the vocals and lyrics. The vocals are smooth and are produced to be almost quieter than the backing at times, which emphasises the beat and the danceability of it. But at the points this is raised we are introduced to an almost chant ready for you to sing along to, in an almost nursery rhyme form following the well-known ‘one two buckle my shoe’. This makes for easy catchy lyrics that anyone could get involved in without much effort required.

This track holds a lot of talent that needs to be heard to be appreciated.


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