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The Scars Of Our War

Manhattan, United States

Manhattan-based Chucky Trading Co has been with me here before, with their track ‘Grace’ so it is definitely a pleasure to be able to write about their latest release ‘The Scars Of Our War’.

Chucky Trading Co always blesses us with emotional, heartfelt folk-rock that can be enjoyed by all, with this latest track being no different but this one has a much more eerie vibe to it. With the lyrics alluding to the idea of someone returning from the grave this track is really one that had me intrigued and need to understand the meaning.

The track begins by utilising simple guitar strums, laced around classical Italian or Parisian plucking showing us from the very start that the instrumentation alone plans to take us on a journey. The use of bongo-style drums adds a gorgeous feel of Latin danceability before building and filling out to become a classic rock sound. This comes with much heavier drums and clear, gorgeously played electric guitars lifting the emotion and intensity of the entire track before cycling back down to the original simple Italian/Parisian sound.

This cycle continues throughout the track while the vocals tell us a clear story. One thing about Chucky Trading Co is that there is always a story being told making the track feel almost like a mini-movie. With the deep emotive vocals leading the way and allowing us all to be a part of this sad journey.

As we reach the end of the piece we are introduced to an organ-style key segment that fits with the story perfectly, almost providing a funeral-like atmosphere, this just evidences the amazing skill that goes into the production of these tracks.

This is a mix of interesting sounds that before now I would never have considered could work together. It is another gorgeous representation of the talent Chucky Trading Co brings to the table. - JASMINE


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