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Embodiment (duet)

New Orleans, United States

Claire Bigley has partnered with Jami Sieber to deliver a duet which is emotive, warm and human. ‘Embodiment (duet)’ is a winter evening in a song. Its comfort and understanding in sonic waves of cello and piano. The textures that a well-played cello can produce are always outstanding. It's a breath of song, it aches and pains as it goes through the melody of heartache and sings like a bird, chirping the melody of joy. Jami Sieber is a player who can talk with the cello, it regales us with stories, lost to the wind. Its solemn tone is not alone however, Claire Bigley’s piano-playing skills match the cello perfectly. They converse, two and fro, sway in the tidepools of emotion and come up glistening and pure in the daylight. The single needs no accompaniment, it is in itself multiple stories of passion and revival.

‘Embodiment (duet)’ does not sit still, you can tell the music came from the depths of the players, it swirls about them, takes on their burdens and spins them into melody. Neo-classic and contemporary playing will keep this single around for a very long time. It's not a lengthy piece, but it says a million words in the time it has.

Whenever a standout instrumental comes along I implore everyone to take time to listen to it. These are not commuting songs or kitchen songs. Songs like those created by Claire Bigley and Jami Sieber deserve to be listened to in full with all of your attention. You will learn something new, about yourself, or the world around you and it is always worth it.


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