Secaucus, United States

‘Memories’ by Clay Joule is a single that evokes memories for the listener in more ways than one. With a sound that harks back to 80s perms and leather trousers, and lyrics that are personal and warm, ‘Memories’ is a song that is not only about a time now gone but has come from a time now gone. Its wailing guitar bends and walking bass line works so well with the drums in the back that the song almost falls into place as each section calls out. Clay Joule has taken inspiration from those stadium-filling bands of old, but has not done so without adding his own twists and turns to the sound that makes a world of difference.

The song starts off with a high guitar pull that gets you swaying your lighter before the drums even have a chance to pull you in with that classic heart-wrenching beat. The bass fills in the gaps that the guitar leaves open and the vocals walk precariously overtop, taking steps of faith into the void, only for the rest of the band to fill the space beneath.

With instrumental tones that we can all jam to and a vocal melody that will stick in the back of your head for days, ‘Memories’ by Clay Joule is a surefire keeper. - FREDDIE MCKEE