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COLEMAN.X - All Alone


All Alone

Nashville, United States

Coleman.X. ‘all alone.’ These are things I’m going to have to ask you to remember because they’re too good to forget. Coleman.X and the bright star of sound that is cast from every one of their songs have taken on a new shape and colour with the release of their latest single, ‘all alone.’ It's alt-pop, new pop. The newest of pop, its so bleeding edge that it's not even pop anymore. The synths and beats have evolved into something wholly new, a textural experience that succeeds the typical pop formula. Coleman.X is growing, and we’re gonna have to keep up.

‘all alone’ hits all the hallmarks of a classic. It's rich in melody, tone and vibe. It's distinct and full of style. The vocals blare out and fit the mood, stunning you with clear tones and brilliant melodies. The instrumental blends into the electric soundscape like static on a CRT. It's the brink, the meeting point of technology and music and it is wondrous to listen to.


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