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Magic Holiday

Boston, United States

Putting Yuletide into the modern pop format is a challenging prospect. Vocals that have to hit astounding harmonies alongside synths of a million kinds, percussion that has to fit the mood and get you moving and a baseline that you have to feel deep within you. Splashing that recipe with a bit of nutmeg and allspice, a touch of clove doesn’t work for many - for Colin G. however, it works a treat. Their latest single, ‘Magic Holiday’ is a modern pop festive showcase of what can be done when the right ideas are placed in the right hands. The world of Christmas opens up and we are gifted a new holiday classic. Now that’s holiday magic.

Piano begins the track. It feels pristine. It's clean and rolls smoothly like snow. The vocals step in and are joined by some subtle harmonies that thicken the sound, percussion that starts subtly but grows and grows as the song goes on and some pad stabs that open the whole sound up. A build into the chorus feels all at once festive and festival. The bass drum pumps away and the multi-part harmony soars, hitting great heights and locking the tune into your head for humming later on. There’s a bridge that knocks the sound down to quiet, and the build-back-up is wonderful. A well-thought-out and beautifully performed modern holiday single. ‘Magic Holiday’ by Colin G. is what it claims to be, magic.


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