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Collie Wattz Heads 'Down South' in latest project



Collie Wattz

Birmingham, United States






Birmingham, United States Artist #CollieWattz has released his latest album #DownSouth. This 5-Track EP is a mix of Country and EDM - Describing his sound as Indie Lofi Folk/ Electronic Swamp I was extremely intrigued as I have never heard of this genre before! Opening the project is a track named #OldManDownSouth. This song has a real country sound to it with a twist of EDM. Packed with acoustic guitar riffs, wild west samples and a pop drum beat this track is highly intriguing. Grabbing my attention straight away this artist has a vocal likeliness to the Legend that is #Jamiroquai. I've got to say, as opening pieces go, this one is ranked high on my list. #JohnBrown continues to showcase the originality of #CollieWattz through his versatile approach to production and the clear statements made in his vocal style. His vocals border on funk/Soul/EDM in the form of layered whispers. Again, in this track those country guitar twangs are present but this time against the backdrop of something even more experimental. #Werewolf takes the experimental vibe even further through the introduction of futuristic synths and dominant basslines. Speaking of basslines, this track opens with a highly rememberable one which sets the tone perfectly for the theme of the piece. Again, those acoustic country elements join in to enhance the originality of #CollieWattz. This is by far the best track on this project so far. I had to add this one to the 'Tamara Jenna Top Picks' playlist due to the sheer impressable basslines, funk, experimentalism, and vocals. Genius. #Backwarters opens with a rhythmic drumbeat. As the bassline joins the mix as do the vocals both singing along to the same melody. Talks of being a freak, ashes in the river, and dark clouds this is a piece that addresses the darker side of this artist without compromising his sound. #Fireball has a longer introduction - continuing the country meets EDM feel and the darker side this track is the perfect ending to a great project.

#CollieWattz is a genius. I have no other way to describe this project or this artist. He knows his sound, and his artistic direction and is not afraid to perfect his sound through his craft. 10/10.

What captured my attention in this project is the way that the artist managed to merge such contrasting genres and not only make them work but also consistently showcase them for the duration of this project. Showcasing that he is not a "one-trick pony" #CollieWattz has perfected two things - 1) Originality and 2) Consistency. I 100% recommend listening to this 5 track project! I wish it was longer and cannot wait to hear more from #CollieWattz.



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