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Colourshop Celebrates Beauty and Timeless Charm with New Single "Florence"

Colourshop returns with their enchanting single "Florence," celebrating the intrinsic beauty of the world and embarking on a bike tour to promote the release.


The London-based folk-pop duo, Colourshop, enchants listeners with their latest single, "Florence" following their earlier release, "Be Yourself". This new track delves deep into the intrinsic beauty of the world, inspired by the timeless charm of the Renaissance city of Florence. With rich melodies and evocative lyrics, "Florence" promises to captivate hearts and inspire an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

About Colourshop

Colourshop has established a significant presence in the indie music scene, known for their unique blend of folk-pop and evocative storytelling. Drawing influences from ‘60s Italian pop and "chanson française," their music resonates with both nostalgic and contemporary audiences. The duo’s commitment to celebrating beauty and emotions through their sound has garnered them a dedicated following.

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About "Florence"

"Florence" acts as a celebration of beauty being an essential quality of life. Produced by Jason Boshoff (Lisa Hannigan, David Gray) and Oscar Garcia Bragado, and recorded at “RoomTo” Studio in Barcelona, the track skillfully combines folk-pop melodies with references to classic Italian pop. The lyrics narrate a magical stroll through Florence, capturing the fleeting essence of beauty and the longing it inspires.

Musical and Lyrical Themes

Opening with a nostalgic tune, "Florence" evokes the timeless charm of its namesake city. Lines like "Playing on my guitar, a tune from the old times / In this old town, that I just found, / Renaissance all around," set the scene for a journey through historical beauty. The Italian chorus, "Amore lo sai, ho voglia di te ma tu non ci sei," underscores a deeper longing for beauty, making the song a poignant reflection on the human experience.

Notable Achievements

Colourshop's previous releases have been met with critical acclaim, and "Florence" is expected to continue this trajectory. The duo's ability to blend contemporary sounds with nostalgic influences creates a unique and captivating listening experience, solidifying their place in the modern music landscape.

Upcoming Plans

In support of "Florence," Colourshop will embark on a bike tour from Anagni to Barcelona, passing through symbolic cities such as Florence. This tour is set to underscore the song's themes but also celebrates the beauty of nature, art, and architecture. Fans can anticipate more singles from Colourshop throughout the year, each offering a fresh and inspiring musical journey.


"Florence" by Colourshop stands as a testament to their artistic evolution and dedication to celebrating beauty in all its forms. This folk-pop gem, with its captivating melodies and evocative lyrics, invites listeners to embrace the beauty that permeates our world. Now available on all major streaming platforms, "Florence" is set to inspire and enchant a broad audience. So make sure you give it a spin!



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