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'Come Back To Me' – Gold Frames Resurrects the Golden Era of Alternative Rock

Alternative rock has a new shining star with Gold Frames. Their latest single, ‘Come Back To Me,’ evokes feelings of the good old days of rock. Jump back to the 00s, where music was held up by fantastic melodies and punchy vocals. The drums blare, played within an inch of their life, as guitars smash and clash above the vox. Don’t even get me started on those fruity bass lines. ‘Come Back To Me’ is of that golden era, it feels like the best of the best. The melody has a bite, a longevity in the mind. The guitars add flavour, the bass — rhythm. Once the fire is good and hot the vocals dance in the flames, an enticing show of faith and skill. And then comes the chorus…

It smashes into the ceiling, sending dust and sparks flying, but it has nowhere to go but into the stars and nothing will get in its way. The power is unreal, supported by that harmony and the simplicity of the riff. When you’ve got gold, you want it as pure as you can get it, and if anyone knows that it’s Gold Frames. They have the riff, they have the power, and they have the skill. Slap it together and you have a rock band who could rule the world. Give ‘em a listen, you won’t regret it. Absolutely charming. A sound of a better time.


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