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#Coupdekat brings her electric personality to light in latest project #ImaginaryGirls




London, United Kingdom





London-based popstar #Coupdekat released her latest 8-track project #ImaginaryGirls last week. With sprinkles of likeliness to Arlo Parks and Charlie XCX, #Coupdekat has created an absolute banger of an alum. So, let's go through it...

#ImaginaryGirls opens with a track called #LoveOnline. This is a brilliant opening track that caught my attention quickly and maintained my attention throughout the duration of the track. Addressing the nature of online dating the lyrics discuss the robotic nature of swiping right and creating alternate personas. This piece is highly relatable in today's culture and when mixed with the vocal style and bouncy productive elements this piece is the ultimate pop track! #colours(interlude) takes under a minute to give us the sounds of a busy social area accompanied by an upbeat EDM instrumental before transitioning into the next track. This was a nice little break before reintroducing another full production. The next track is entitled #lostintranslation - brings the energy in full force! Soft vocals yet fast lyrics provide something catchy in this futuristic alternative pop piece. #mycompletereinvention brings jazz influence and R&B into the project and oh, I'm so down for it! The perfect mix of the soulful and the upbeat is found in this piece along with the signature vocals of #Coupdekat. This piece made it into the 'Tamara Jenna's Top Picks' Spotify Playlist and I think it will stay there for a while! #nepobaby changes the feel of the album in a swirl of shoegaze influence. Airy vocals and acoustic guitar strums introduce you to a more intimate, vulnerable side to this artist. The lyrics have a lot to say in the form of a daydream. #CUTITOFF!!! takes a complete u turn back into the powerful energy that #Coupdekat has to offer! The message of this piece is strong - Don't settle for less than you're worth and if something is less than you deserve then CUT IT OFF!!!#Notesonmyphonecore (interlude) made me smile - this is a series of voice activated internet searches including "devil horns " and "how to get a sugar daddy on google". Closing this 8 track project is #F.Y.E.O, a track with dreamy synths and a fast percussion ride the track along with the catchy vocals to end the project with a bang. One thing is clear about #Coupdekat and that is that she definitely spent a lot of time with her phone during lockdown as did most of us - using that as inspiration for the project has meant that it is something that we can all get our heads around.

#Coupdekat is definitely an artist that you need to keep your eyes on, something tells me that she is going to blow sooner than later! Click the link below to hear #ImaginaryGirls now and make sure that you get it saved (on your phone of course).


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