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Courtney Nord Breaks the Pop-Rock Wall Down with Genre-Bending Single 'Wasteland'

Courtney Nord performing her latest single 'Wasteland' - a unique blend of rock and pop that is breaking genre boundaries.

Courtney Nord is breaking the pop-rock wall down. Her latest single, ‘Wasteland,’ is a midpoint between rock and modern pop. It has the style and emotion of slow rock songs, the rising falling plucked melodic riff, the solo in the bridge, the punchy chorus. But the instrumental is taken from the textures of pop. The percussion flicks like an 808, clicking and chirping rather than banging and booming. The bass rises and falls with the big chords, it keeps the vocal afloat, it pops the song right up. The resulting track is one that made me smile, laugh even. It is a meeting of sounds so pure and well crafted that it shocked me to the point of ecstasy.

‘Wasteland’ knows what it is: unique. Courtney Nord has blown all expectations out of the water by creating a track that subverts genre norms and develops its own niche. A niche that I desperately want more of and will be coming back to for sure.



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