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Cumberland River Project's 'On A Nashville Night': A Captivating Blend of Blues and Freedom

The Cumberland River Project has taken their faultless blues to another level with their single, ‘On A Nashville Night.’ It’s a track that’s bound to get you moving to its sublime beats and wavy guitars. The lights dim as the stage is filled by the band and their summer heat. The bass pedals along beside the drums as the song gets underway. Before you know it, vocals are filling the room. Smooth and catchy they bend to the rhythm and bind you in a net of tone. They perk your ears, filling them with wonderful harmonies and relenting only to throw a blissful solo through the cracks.

When the spotlight hits the stage and the lyrics catch on your soul just right, you know you’re listening to some profoundly fantastic blues. ‘On A Nashville Night’ focuses on the right stuff. It’s about getting lost in the moment and feeling free enough to let go. Once the beat kicks in and the swing hits your hips there is no way you could ever stay still. The Cumberland River Project have nailed it with this single. It’s cosy, familiar and houses some wonderful melodies and textures. Modern country blues at its indie finest. Unmissable.



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