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Where Your Love Lives

Edmonton, Canada

Credit - @brzphotography__

Cynthia Hamar is no stranger to us over at TJPL NEWS, already making her way into our playlists and features with three of her previous releases. Her latest release is no different!

'Where Your Love Lives' is the title of this newly released gem that was recorded and performed by Hamar and Chris Andrew. As well as stunning audio we have also been gifted with a moving music video accompaniment.

A jolly rhythmic acoustic track combines the rawness of piano keys with subtle guitar strums and bass to give listeners a jazz-infused folk meets pop production. I love how stripped-back this acoustic set is! It doesn't lack in style or performance in the slightest - in fact, it's more soulful than some of the fuller productions that I have heard. Something that stands out within this composition is the way that percussion has been used - the percussion is experimental, performed by Hamar by tapping on her piano. I really like the rawness here. There's a live performance feel to this song, that when merged with the home video, lifts the hearts of the viewer with its realness and reliability.

The lyrical content of the song is also something very homely and raw. Speaking of years gone by and the transitions of life rests at the heart of this stunning performance.

It's clear that Cynthia Hamar is an artist who values her craft - her creations feel like home. - TAMARA JENNA


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