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Damien Jones' "I Used To Think That Everyone Was Faithful" Offers a Poignant Look at Love

In his deeply personal and moving single "I Used To Think That Everyone Was Faithful," Damien Jones takes listeners on an emotional journey through his past experiences with love, heartbreak, and the loss of innocence. Drawing inspiration from his own feelings towards love, fueled by a history of cheating ex-boyfriends, the lyrics reflect on how the 21-year-old Damien used to see the world from an innocent and naive perspective.

The track expertly blends acoustic elements with ambient synths and lush harmonies, complementing the heartfelt lyrics and main vocal line. Damien's wide range of influences, including artists such as Hollow Coves, Madonna, Noah Gundersen, and Taylor Swift, shines through in this folk-pop, easy-listening piece. Produced by Jules Konieczny at Urchin Studios in London and mastered by Mount Olympia Mastering, "I Used To Think That Everyone Was Faithful" showcases both clever progression and thought-provoking lyrical content.

The song serves as a poignant reminder of the fearless openness that once defined Damien's approach to love and relationships. As he now protects himself from further heartache by being more guarded, the track expresses a longing for a return to that wide-eyed innocence and the ability to see the good in everyone.

With its introspective lyrics and masterful blend of acoustic and electronic elements, "I Used To Think That Everyone Was Faithful" is a testament to Damien Jones' versatility as an artist and his talent for crafting songs that resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level. Fans of folk-pop and easy listening will undoubtedly find themselves captivated by this touching and relatable exploration of love, heartbreak, and the desire to rediscover the innocence of youth.


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