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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 02/09/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!





Los Angeles - United States

This sassy and energetic track was an easy choice for number one this week. ‘Moves’ is the latest release from LA based Una Jensen. A woman of many talents Una is a singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer. After finding her musical feet at just 12 years old she knows writes and records music for her fans to enjoy. Trap like drums and glistening synths start of this track while Unas soft yet powerful vocals provide the catchy lead melody line. Her lyrics and raps describe her ‘moving up’ and gaining self-love and confidence. I loved the creative vocal production in the chorus of this track as it was something new to me and worked so well with the tracks cool vibe.



PENNY X – Obsessed

Berlin, Germany

Credit - Lorena Schierer

Berlin based Penny X’s latest track is the effortlessly cool ‘Obsessed’. Lyrically questioning if the person she’s with is still thinking about someone else, and how this has become an obsession for her. I think the lyrics in this track are so well written from the personal inflections such as playing certain Xbox games and how overall questioning things so much can play on our minds. The reflective bridge is the perfect contrast to the tracks questioning verses. The tracks instrumental is equally as impressive funky basslines and energetic percussion, and the distorted electric guitar makes the track even more impressive. This song had to rank highly as much as the title states, I’ve been ‘obsessed’ with it.




San Fernando Valley, CA

Blending many genres such as urban pop, new wave and RnB Amy Correa Bell produces a new sound within the pop music genre. Her ‘Urban retro pop’ is a style heard in her latest release ‘Run It’. The track starts with glistening synths and a sharp electronic drum sound. Amys raspy and powerful voice describes ideas of moving on and letting go. The track grows in texture with additional synth lines thickening the texture. The use of the reversed breath vocal sample adds a sense of drama in the tracks breaks as well. It overall has an effortlessly cool vibe and had to be high in this week’s chart.



MIRIAM - Hitta Hem

Skurup, Sweden

Credit - Nils Sjöholm

Songwriter, singer, and producer Miriam takes influences from RnB and Soul to create her pop sound. The Skurup, Sweden based artist has released ‘Hitta Hem’ an upbeat pop track that combines funky base lines with padded synths and energetic drums. The track starts with filtering down the instrumental to hear Miriam’s sweet vocals. Unfortunately, my translation skills don’t spread to Swedish but that didn’t stop me getting the infectious feel good vibe of this track. The tracks rises and falls in texture and it really effectively provides excitement throughout. The bright sounds of the xylophone like synths really add to the tracks positive and uplifting feel.




Brooklyn, NY, United States

Credit - Cat Laine

This week I had the joy of picking any track I wanted from Ben Freemans latest album ‘Quiet Fury’. After a lot of thought I chose ‘Rejoice’. This track shows how gorgeous Ben’s voice is and the interesting jazzy harmony made it a joy to listen to. The layered percussion and vocal lines are full of energy. The choirs backing is soft and elevates the tracks calming mood. The gospel ending is full of life and soul and is taken to the next level with an echoing electric guitar solo. I do want to give a shout out to ‘Wilson’s Blessing’. The vulnerable and immensely personal talk in the middle of the album was really refreshing and lets the listener really get to know Ben and his thoughts. You can also purchase the full album here - Quiet Fury | Ben Freeman (




Ottawa, Canada

Credit - Eric Dolan

Wotts is an Ottawa based duo who make indie pop music. Their latest track “No Take Backs” is a summery and upbeat track full of life and energy. Funky basslines and intricate synth lines combine alongside a punchy drum kit. The smooth vocals fit on top of the lively instrumental well. The tracks breakdown allows you to hear the warm acoustic guitar lines and airy high synth keys. Lyrically the song describes past ideas and thoughts while having hope for an optimistic future. The track is full of exciting little production techniques which keep the track interesting. To give it a steam follow the link below.



BEN-J - The Reason

Lausanne, Switzerland

Ben-J’s debut track ‘The Reason’ invites us into his unique world where many different genres of music come together. Not only an artist Ben-J is a singer and

songwriter as well and combine his talents in his musical releases. This airy and suspenseful track kicks off with a punchy kick drum and deep echoing synths. Ben-Js layered vocals combine different effects to create a captivating tone. His harmonies work beautifully alongside each other when delivering lyrics such as ‘not being sorry of being too loud’. The track grows throughout with the addition of new synths timbres and echoing vocals being panned around the listener. An overall exciting debut.



CADE HUSEBY – Afterlight

Los Angeles, United States

Credit @stayservinglooks

Cade Huseby, an LA based singer and songwriter, has released his latest hit ‘Afterlight’. His goal as an artist is to release songs with ‘compelling narratives and eccentric queer immersion’. ‘Afterlight’ is a dreamy pop track full of captivating production and passionate vocals. A punchy drum kit and bright synths provide a fun and lively accompaniment to Cades voice. His lyrics describe him wanting a special someone to stay with him forever cleverly relayed through astrological terminology. This song has an immensely catchy chorus which makes the song easy to have on repeat. To hear this great track follow the link below.



COLLABORATIONS - Running Out Of Tomorrows

Connecticut, United States

Connecticut based collaborations have released their latest track “Running Out of Tomorrows’. This soulful track has a gorgeous call and response male and female vocal duo which work in harmony with one another. The choir backing vocals provide great support to both powerful voices. Lyrically the track explores how the worlds changing and how in these times we need to be there for one another. The instrumental is full of life and warmth coming from the big string sections and a punchy driving drum kit. The texturally open bridge allows you hear the tracks uplifting vocal heard alongside a dramatic kick drum. The track puts you in such a good mood and to hear it hit the link below.



PETER PREVITY - Anything For You

Stonington, United States

Stoning based Peter Previty has released the mellow yet passionate ‘Anything for You”. The track describes themes of not being able to go without someone in your life and being scared that things might change. A heavy vocoda effect is mixed in with Peters voice to add to the tracks overall haunting vibe. A range of synth timbres varying from airy and slow attacking ones to more plucked and staccato ones combine together to create a very cool instrumental. A simple kick drum pounds through the track give it some rhythmic momentum. The future is very bright for this talented singer, songwriter, and producer.

DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 02/09/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?! - VOTE

  • UNA JENSEN - Moves

  • PENNY X – Obsessed


  • MIRIAM - Hitta Hem


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