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DANCE & POP - TOP 10 - 11/11/22 - WHO'S YA FAVOURITE?!


Love Me Like I Am Ft. Jordin Sparks

Nashville, United States

On October 7, 2022 something magical blessed this universe -- Multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning duo FOR KING + COUNTRY released a collaborative version of their track 'Love Me Like I Am' featuring Multi-Platinum recording artist Jordin Sparks.

Opening with a mega production, to begin a song before scaling things back for the verses is something that is sometimes seen as a risk, but not for this pairing! 'Love Me Like I Am' is the ultimate feel-good love song that is versatile enough to relate to the perceptions of any listener. The lyrics take the narrative of the insecurities of the artists' personas and transpire them into a high-energy synth-backed performance. There's a feeling of pop meets synth-rock in this gorgeous production - similar to that of modern Coldplay. Jordin Sparks adds some punch to an already super catchy song.

Both parties offer two distinct parts within the piece and end their musical journey in true unity as they conclude the song in sync. If synth rock/pop with a load of bell synths and swirling vocals are a bit of you, then make sure that you check out the way that these two distinct artists merge to create this piece!


See Through

London, United Kingdom

Following on from the success of his critically acclaimed debut single, Connor Mac is back with his second single ‘See Through’, marking a pop anthem that slays and is here to stay!

‘See Through’ was written, recorded and produced by the man himself in his home studio in Switzerland, resulting in the production of an emotive anthem that compels the listener to take a deep breath and find their confidence from within. The track was mastered in Australia by Grammy award winner Joe Carra (Courtney Barnett/ The Teskey Brothers /King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard).

Now, let's go through this nearly four-minute masterpiece, shall we? Immediately setting the scene are the gorgeously saturated guitar strums and, the rawness of the scratching sounds as the artist transitions between chords. This is something that always strums my heartstrings. Speaking of strings, this production lays on a bed of orchestral ones that lift every cinematic feeling from within.

The lyrics - perfection. The voice - Perfection. The guitarist - Perfection. The premise? Connor Mac's "See Through" = Perfection.

This is a song and a voice that is reminiscent of Shawn Mendez in its rawness, and let me tell you this, if this song doesn't enter the UK charts there's something very wrong! Do your bit and give it a stream or 1000!



Tampa, Florida, United States

Lyse talks of important wishes to explore the minds of our loved ones and how seemingly easy life would be if we could completely understand the needs and emotions of other people we care about. The soundscape is rich in flavour and succeeds in radiating calming energy. The subtle beats throughout almost mimicking water droplets pleasantly reflect the title of the song ‘Ocean’. I believe it is lyse’s vocals which do justice to the sombre tone of the song. Her vocals are very delicate, almost like a whisper which delivers the lyricism in quite a therapeutic way. The vast amount of symbolism in ‘Ocean’, referring to many natural landscapes as encompassing the complex human emotion, helps the song to truly resonate with the listener, and encourages them to integrate their own experiences behind the meaning of the lyrics.

Lyse’s desire to connect with people and provide them with a sense of comfort through her music is an ambition she seems to meet with ease. Her unique vocals, and ability to evoke such powerful ideas in her lyrics, make her an unforgettable artist. (Written by AIMEE STOKES)


I'm Not Ok

Brixton, United Kingdom

Credit - Cory Marsh

Making an immediate addition to our Ones2Watch! this week is the latest release from Brixton-based 'Silas Armstrong' with his latest release 'I'm Not Ok'. There is so much to talk about here - so, let's start with the lyrical content. Depression is not just a feeling, it's an illness, a disability and a curse, but sometimes, amongst the cycles of intense pain and suffering, there's something that can be learned and used to our advantage. Silas Armstrong is a prime example of how our own demons can be used as an outlet as well as a healer for the self and others. Through 'I'm Not Ok' the artist has voiced his pain both through his lyrical content and in the instrumentation that accompanies him throughout his production.

The song transitions into jolly instrumentation along with soulful backing vocals marking an intense transition between pop and heavy rock to highlight joy and sorrow, happiness and pain, and so on. The ever-changing nature of the mind within depressive episodes has been articulated flawlessly as the song eerily travels between happy-go-lucky and painstaking demonic.

Upon listening to the progression of the piece, I was reminded of the powerful modern-day legends, 'Muse' due to the familiarity of this song with the alternative electro-rock track entitled 'Time is running out'. Similarly, the use of melodic vocal layers adds more depth to emphasise the essence of the artists' experiences with depression.

'I'm Not Ok' is a song that I urge everyone to listen to whether you are interested in lyricism, mental health, musical fusion, rock or pop as there is 100% something that everybody can learn from here.


Baby Me

Brighton, United Kingdom

Credit - Phoebe Wrapson

‘Baby Me’ is the latest release from Fifi C, a wondrous soul and pop artist from South East London. The tones and power that live within Fifi C come out in the music with a heartfelt edge that calls for attention and a passive melting force that oozes from the stellar vocals. Fifi C is setting themselves up to break it and make it big. What stands out is the personality. It isn’t lost in the vocal performance that many singers dream of being capable of, it's right there at the forefront of it, staring you in the face and asking if you will listen. And listen we shall Fifi C, if ‘Baby Me’ is anything to go by, there is a lot to look forward to.

The song opens with a solemn piano. Its texture is touching and it rolls into the song. The vocals begin to dance upon the melody the keys play, strings build up as the song progresses and it feels huge, operatic almost and Fifi C’s vocals keep up, if not ahead. The piano switches it up with stabs of chords in the second verse. Rather than add another element to drown out the tone, switch one up. It's a move that proves Fifi C is listening and has that musical ear that all the greats use to deliver some of the biggest bangers of their generation.

Don’t count days, count minutes; because it won’t be long at all until Fifi C drops a hit so heavy it leaves a mark everlasting. (Written by FREDDIE MCKEE)


Girls At Parties

Syracuse, United States

‘Girls at Parties’ is a hard-hitting single from Shallow Alcove, a band you will want in your library. The harmonies soar, the beat bounds and the musicality of the backing swells into chorus zeniths that will melt you away. Telling stories that everyone can relate to, foggy nights and blackout wake-ups, Shallow Alcove manages to weave a melody throughout that is catchy, and memorable. Underlying all of the musical qualities of ‘Girls at Parties’ is an honesty that is rarely shown through music nowadays. With so much hidden behind filters and autotune, it is refreshing to hear massive part harmonies that click and acoustic guitars pushing the track from beat to beat.

The song opens with Shallow Alcove’s best-in-class harmonic arrangement. It blares from the silence, cutting it into bite-sized pockets of music. Then the instrumental settles in and the lead vocal takes us down the heartfelt river that ‘Girls at Parties’ builds before us. Round bends, through thick brush and down waterfalls the song cascades, pulling you with the current so effectively it’s hard to focus on anything but the music soothing your ears or playing from your car stereo.

Listen to this track I implore you. It's good, dangerously good and I don’t think it’ll be long until we see massive things from Shallow Alcove. (Written by FREDDIE MCKEE)


Coco Dancing

Bordeaux, France

Credit - "Opo"

So, what is Coco Dancing about?! If there's one main reason why I love Major Kami's productions it's the in-depth creative backdrop that they form behind each piece!

Through this release, Major Kami takes their audience through the story of a woman of the shadows. Coco Schwab is the name, devotion is her game. She is devoted to supporting an artist with whom she had great complicity through all of his most extreme trials. She saved him to see if he could fly to the highest summits. Intrigued? Me too!

Now for the music! This track waits for no man and neither does its timing. There's an immediate energetic 80s-inspired synth-pop sound to this production. As the vocals join the production we are again given the distinct vocal of Major Kami! The inclusion of obscure strings adds an element of suspense to the piece in a curious way.

This is my favourite piece to come from the artist yet! I wonder what's in store for the rest of the year for Major Kami?


'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix)

Reading, United Kingdom

Everybody, brace yourself for the return of OSP! After continuing to impress listeners across the UK and beyond, the group has released their latest remix single 'Call Me' (Riser 2-Step Remix) following on from the success of their original version of ‘Call Me’ last month.

Now, where do I begin to start with this track? The song is an absolutely faultless entity! I was up out of my seat before the end of the first bar and hit repeat before the end of the first half.

This progressive garage remix has all the makings of a hit, from the bubbles of the bassline to the rap flows. Get this song playing out loud through your speakers and enjoy the ride - Kings, Queens and all in between!

I'm under no illusion that OSP is here to stay as they continue to slay with every single release! YES YES YES YES YES. Track of the day! - There's no denying it! OSP are the S***

Whilst the original release entails a sombre and lovelorn listen, the RISER 2-STEP Remix adds an extra spin to the whirlwind that is OSP. I think it's worth highlighting the work that RISER does with young artists, I've only ever heard absolute bangers come through from their artists so make sure that you check them out too!



New York City, United States

Credit - Savanna Ruedy

Now, last but not least I present you with the second single from New York City-based artist 'Sinistra'. Her latest release entitled 'Better' is a sad bop that merges the emotions of a whispering heart and screaming confession. It's rare that we find a song that we can both dance and cry to but 'Sinistra' has managed to combine the two through this piece. The song tells the story of an unrequited love that won’t let up through themes of infatuation, hope, anguish and denial. The message that concludes the song is the awareness that danger and heartbreak await at the end of the road, but we choose to walk it anyway.

In terms of production value, this is a song that begins with the ultimate 80s synth pop vibes through the use of bass-infused key synths. As the vocal content adds to the piece this is only enhanced through a pop meets soul song. The harmonies are gorgeous in the way that the tones infuse the note of each other. If you're a lover of old-school 80s synth pop then this will make for a top placement on your playlists. 'Better' is a solid production that is full of funkiness and soul!


  • FOR KING + COUNTRY Love Me Like I Am Ft. Jordin Sparks

  • CONNOR MAC See Through

  • LYSE Ocean



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