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Dance & Pop - TOP 10 - 24/06/2022


1.Glass Lord – Moonlight

Los Angeles, United States

LA-based Glass Lord, alongside Nys and Ed.1t has released the laidback RnB-inspired ‘Moonlight’. The overwhelmingly cool feel of this track brought to life the distorted guitar lines and descriptive lyrics, making it an easy pick for number one this week. The dance influence, such as the four on the floor kick, makes the track a multi-genre tune that I see growing rapidly in popularity. The contrast between the two vocalists adds great interest to the listener and lyrically they provide different sides of the narrative being told. There is a subtle Khalid feeling throughout, the track overall flows well and has been on repeat for me all week.


2. Alexa Givens - broken record

United States

This cheery and easy-going tune is brought to us by Maryland-based artist Alexa Givens. After being featured on a Grammy award-winning project she now studies music at Berklee. Her heavy jazz influence is heard throughout the track with the extended harmony used and graceful vocal adlibs. The lyrical content describes the feelings of love and how overwhelming they can be. The backing vocals are edited with subtle reverb and delay which flow gently alongside the clean and polished band. I’m so excited to hear future releases from Alexa, her pure and bright voice with polished jazz traits lend themselves well to her being the next big thing.


3. LAWRN - Best Friend

London, United Kingdom

LAWRN, a London-based alt-pop band, has released the dreamy track ‘Best Friend’. Themes of missing someone, longing to be in LA, and reminiscing better times are explored in a compelling and impressive vocal. Their 80s synth-pop influence is heard throughout the track, with a gated reverb snare paired alongside an instrumental of slow attacking synths. The utopian feel is built upon vocal edits towards the end of the track sustained with long reverb times. The tone of this track is somber, yet the major chords give it an underlying feeling of hope, which maintains the track's positive vibe.


4. Eliot Allison – Hey

London, United Kingdom

This laid-back synth-pop track is the perfect example of what should be playing as the credits roll at the end of a coming-of-age movie. Not only an Artist, Eliot Allison is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer-songwriter, and producer. The unique sounds within the song develop well thought out. New synth timbres and ideas are introduced in new sections of the song which keeps it progressing effectively. The addition of natural-sounding guitar chords creates a gentle contrast in texture. The airy and spaced vocals repeat lyrical ideas about calling out to someone who has left and wished they would stay with ‘a guy like me'. To add it to your summer playlist hit the link below.


5. Maya Yenn - Better Luck Next Time

London, United Kingdom

Maya Yenn is a UK-based independent singer, songwriter, and producer. Her latest song ‘better luck next time’ is a pop hit with beautiful vocals. The chorus felt unexpected, and I really enjoyed that the song went in that direction. There are elements of La Roux in the instrumental yet full and bright Billie Eilish-like vocals. The combination of the two styles, with well-written lyrics about reaching a goal and proving people wrong, creates a fun and detailed track which really fits in her dark-pop genre. I’m excited to see what this rising indie-pop star comes out with next.


6. Rory Jones - Hard To Be A Capitalist

Belfast, United Kingdom

Rory Jones, an Irish singer-songwriter, composer, and poet has released his debut single ‘Hard To Be A Capitalist’. Creative production, such as use the of filtering on the main vocal lines and distortion on backing ones, provides a great backdrop for the lyrics exploring themes of overcoming a breakup, yet struggling to do. The use of sociology, when describing trying to overcome said feelings, was quite unique and shows off Rory’s poetry background. The lyrical themes are contrasted with upbeat and full of energy instrumental. I loved the key change towards the end of the track as it truly lifted the light-hearted feel heard throughout.


7. Roni Amir - Along the way

Modiin, Israel

Not only an artist, Roni Amir is a songwriter and producer. As part of an international project, he collaborates with many artists from around the world, and for ‘Along the Way’ English singer-songwriter Ethan Cronin became a part of it. Roni does a great job of blending elements from many different genres within this track. From hip-hop-inspired drums to dramatic synth strings the piece has many different elements that harmonise well together. The lyrics focus on ideas about getting through hard times, even if you are knocked down along the way. Ethan Cronins vocal has an honest and warm tone which delivers the lyrics nicely.


8. Mirjam Catal – STRONG

Wien, Austria

Mirjam Catal is an up and coming Austrian popstar. ‘STRONG’ is an amazingly produced summer pop track. Mirjam's delicate vocals are clear, edited well, and blend beautifully with the backing. The instrumental is lively and reaches its full energy in the chorus with extra percussion and shock chords. The lyrics explore themes of growing up and staying true to yourself. The track is everything you're looking for in a feel-good pop song, with well-written lyrics sang with power and confidence alongside impressive and captivating production. This song has made it into my summer anthems playlist, and I believe it should be in yours too.


9. Tori Boltwood - Wicked Woman

Fort Worth, United States

'Wicked Woman' is a delightfully spooky pop track released by Fort Worth-based artist Tori Boltwood. Setting the dramatic tone of ‘love is dead’ the track is kicked off with a eulogy to nothing other than love itself. The sassy lyrics “don’t you dare sweep me off my feet” lead into a catchy chorus with a funk-inspired bassline. This is then accompanied by an arpeggiated organ synth and layered choir vocals continuing the scene of love's funeral. Throughout the track, there are sinister echoes of laughter. They add an extra layer of drama which elevates the storytelling taking place within the lyrics. To hear this farewell-to-love hit stream now below.


10. mercerWeav3. - A Kiss Like This

Seattle, United States

‘A Kiss Like This’ is a pumped-up EDM track, that is produced by mercerWeav3. The spacey atmosphere and developing synths provide a unique and open sound world for the clear and breathy vocal. The track develops at a steady rate, yet you can’t help but get excited for the drop. Sidechain compression is used to produce a punchy lead line. The pitched vocal samples further enhance the drop. The track full is of textures and contrasts. Airy synths combine with complex rises and falls to produce a varying texture. The song is completed by a new melodic line introduced which maintains the excitement right till the end.



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