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Darling Fitch's 'Rise' Transforms Hopelessness into Art: An Emotionally Charged Performance

‘Rise’ by Darling Fitch is a single that catches an emotion in the palm of its hand and sees how hard it can squeeze it before it loses all recognisability. The futility of the world and the hopelessness felt by younger generations is distilled into synthetic bass and slow rhythms. The bass is a heavy load, but we bare it. The vocals come as many voices, all repeating, all stacking on top of one another. Sometimes it becomes too much, but once more we bare it. Soon the whole world is on our shoulders, and we didn't ask for that. But we bare it.

Darling Fitch has produced a song that feels like performance art rather than a bog standard pop single. There is an emotional depth here that spans more than song. Listen to this track walking, swinging, sighing. This is music that demands movement, and when you give it that movement, ‘Rise’ becomes transformative. A truly wonderful single, worthy of its message.



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