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British Columbia, Canada

Credit - Lexis Lane Photography

Canadian pop/rock musician Darrian Gerard has exploded within the music scene with her latest release entitled 'Explosion'. Released on 7th October, this track is still hot off the press. Speaking of hot, 'Explosion' is an upbeat bad b song that will get all females out there in their feels. The song acts as what the artist describes as an "F-you song for when you've reached the end of your rope."

This pop/punk track screams of angst and attitude. The song was written recorded, played and produced by the artist herself from the comfort of her in-home basement studio. Impressive right?

"I really wanted to write an upbeat pop-punk song one day, but it wasn’t quite working out. I eventually went to my electric guitar and amp and found this cool tremolo sound and the words just came automatically." - DARRIAN GERARD

'Explosion' is a rewind straight into early 00s rock with hints of Avril Lavigne and Blink-182! Not to box this track in but 90s kids are going to LOVE this as well as teenage girls! Watch out, there's a new Pop Rockstar on the rise in the form of Darrian Gerard.

So, make sure that you click the link below to check out a whole load of guitar, drums and more!


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